Behavioral Health

Outpatient Mental Health Services

sr_OutpatientMentalHealthServicesMercy Medical Center’s outpatient clinic treats adults experiencing depression, anxiety, family conflicts, emotional, or psychiatric illness. It is staffed by psychiatrists, clinical social workers, and a psychiatric nurse practitioner.

Specific treatment services include the following:

  • Biopsychosocial assessment and treatment planning
  • Psychiatric evaluation
  • Community consultation and education
  • Verbal therapy - individuals, group, and family
  • Co-occurring Disorders Treatment
  • Psycho pharmacotherapy
  • Medication management (including Clozaril and Risperdal Consta®), education, administration
  • Crisis management
  • Health screening and referral
  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation Readiness Determination
  • Discharge planning
  • Case management

Physician Referrals

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