Infection Prevention and Control

Infection Prevention and Control is an integrated response process within the hospital which works collaboratively with all other hospital programs, services, and patient care settings in order to afford the patient, hospital staff and visitors a safe environment against the possible acquisition of an infection.

In the era of Bioterrorism, persons colonized with drug resistant organisms and with the advancement of medicine as it is today and as we prepare for the future in the use of and performance of more and more invasive procedures Infection Control is more important then ever.

Each one of us plays a very important part in ensuring that the patient has a safe and speedy recovery even the patients themselves.

Hand Washing has been called many times the cornerstone to a good infection control program. That is true more so then ever. Good hand hygiene is very important for all involved in the patients care. That includes the patient her/himself, all who care for them in the hospital and at home and the visitors that come in to visit the patient.

As little time it may take to wash your hands, people just do not do it. It takes only 15 seconds to protect the patient, your loved one, by washing your hands with soap and water or the alcohol-based hand sanitizers that now are located in each patient room at Mercy Medical Center.

The Infection Control Department in support of Mercy Medical Center’s MISSION to constantly strive to explore new avenues to enhance the care for our patients we perform on an ongoing basis risk assessments of procedures and evaluate practices to ensure good patient outcomes.

The Infection Control Department may be reached at (516) 705-2051.