Mercy’s Campus Is Smoke-Free


On May 1, 2011 Mercy Medical Center joined many other health care facilities on Long Island and throughout New York State to become a Smoke-Free Campus.

All of Mercy's buildings had long-been smoke-free, and in 2011 the prohibition on smoking was extend to the grounds of our campus, including parking lots, as well.

We in health care have long been advocating smoking cessation to our patients and the general public. The hazards to one's health are well known and well documented. Smoking impacts people's lives negatively. It increases one's chances for heart disease, stroke, emphysema, and lung cancer.

There also are research studies ongoing throughout the country on the effects of secondhand smoke on family members and on those who have worked in any environment where smoking was once permitted; such as, airplanes, restaurants, etc. Many of us can remember when smoking in such places was the norm.

So, what does being on a SMOKE-FREE CAMPUS mean for our patients and visitors?

Psychiatric patients may smoke under controlled circumstances, but all other patients are no longer be able to go outside with a hospital-staff or family-member escort to smoke.

A patient's physician can prescribe a medication that will ease the desire for nicotine while they are at Mercy, and some of our patients will be able to use this opportunity to begin a healthier, smoke-free life. We do hope so!

Neither visitors nor employees are permitted to smoke anywhere on the Mercy campus.


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