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Arthur Kornblit, MD

Dr. Kornblit has been practicing primary care/family medicine since leaving his residencyat LIJ Medical center and was acquired by St. Francis Hospital, a part of CHS about 5 yrs ago. He also has 30 yrs of Emergency Med/Urgent care experience since he worked in multiple hospitals all over NY and LI. He has been on the Medical Staff of Mercy Medical Center since 1989 and St. Francis Hospital since 2013.

He enjoys caring for patients in need of  urgent care and ongoing continual primary care and still to this day he enjoys giving great care to all sorts of medical issues to patients of all ages.  With his CHS affiliation he has a lot to offer his patients both with programs, services, and investigational tools. His ability to admit to these hospitals also affords the best of care.

His practice is for the evaluation and treatment of all conditions, but more importantly, he specializes in Preventative Medicine. By doing routine exams, the appropriate testing and sending for specialty evaluations he tries to stay one step ahead of bad outcomes in a paitents health.

830 Atlantic Ave  Baldwin, NY 11510. Telephone: 516-867-6868 / 516-867-0800