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Joint Endeavor Program - Holistic Care

Mercy Medical Center is widely recognized for high-quality, innovative orthopedic care. We offer a unique Joint Endeavor Program designed to achieve superior results through holistic care that includes education, exercise, lifestyle evaluation, and rehabilitation in addition to the surgery itself.

Joint Endeavor takes a holistic, multidisciplinary approach that involves physicians, therapists, care managers, nurses, social workers and, perhaps most importantly, patients. This team collaboration addresses the entire continuum of care (preoperative through post-discharge), combining initiatives in patient education, clinical pathway establishment, and postoperative rehabilitation to ensure that desired outcomes are achieved.

Members of the team have clearly defined responsibilities in the effort to achieve clinical effectiveness. The Joint Endeavor Coordinator oversees the process, serving as facilitator, liaison, educator, and active partner in providing care. The physician’s role extends beyond providing clinical care to correlating clinical and administrative activity with the goal of improving care and managing costs. Nurses, therapists, social workers and care managers carry out their responsibilities based on preplanned clinical pathways along the entire continuum of care.

The patient’s active participation in Joint Endeavor is a vital component to its success. Prior to being admitted to the hospital, the patient attends a preoperative educational class at which the surgery and postoperative course of therapy are explained in detail, thus encouraging compliance in both the pre- and post-operative phases of the process.

The patient may also receive a pre-operative home safety evaluation, as well as, ongoing guidance and instruction during the hospital stay. Whenever possible, a family member or other caregiver is included in the process. The goals of the program are shorter hospital stays and a quicker reintroduction to a normal lifestyle.