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Mercy Medical Center’s well-renowned surgical team treats traumatic injuries to the brain and spinal cord, removes tumors of the brain and spinal cord, repairs blood vessel abnormalities, manages injuries to the bone structure of the skull and spine, repairs herniated spinal column discs and neurosurgical treatment of complex pain.

Our physicians provide diagnosis and treatment for:

  • Back Pain
  • Herniated Discs
  • Facial Pain (trigeminal neuralgia)
  • Brain Tumors
  • Aneurisms
  • Vascular Malformations
  • Carotid Artery Diseases

Our physicians are recognized in:

  • Minimal Access Spine Surgery:
  • X-STOP® - a titanium implant that can provide relief from the pain of spinal stenosis without a traditional laminectomy
  • Kyphoplasty - a new technique for repairing osteoporotic spinal compression fractures in patients with intractable pain
  • Endovascular Surgery