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Pain Management


Mercy Medical Center's Pain Management Service sees a variety of patients with complaints such as back and neck pain, soft tissue pain, neuropathic pain and cancer pain.

We prefer the ideals of a multidisciplinary approach.  Depending upon the diagnosis, this may include using invasive or noninvasive techniques and could include nerve and epidural blocks.  In addition, we can perform or recommend cryosurgery, radiofrequency, and in some cases, implantable devices.  Physical reconditioning is stressed.  The Service works closely with Mercy's well known inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation units.

Because we try to develop an individualized program for each patient, an initial assessment is typically recommended. Beyond providing specialty medical care, the pain team also acts as a patient advocate. The Pain Management Service works closely with other Mercy Medical Center services such as Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, and Oncology.  Our staff can help to navigate what becomes a healthcare maze for some, and coordinate care by other medical specialists at Mercy.

The goal of Mercy's Pain Management Service is optimized relief.  Our ultimate satisfaction is when someone limited by pain finds comfort and a returns to prior, or even better, level of functioning.

For more information, please call 516-62-Mercy.