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Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Physical Medicine, Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation from Injury and/or Surgery

Among Mercy Medical Center’s premier programs is its comprehensive inpatient acute Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Unit.

This highly specialized 37-bed facility is dedicated to the short term rehabilitative care of inpatients who have suffered catastrophic illnesses and injuries such as stroke, spinal cord injury, amputation, hip fracture and other neurological, musculoskeletal, and medical conditions.

The program is directed by Perry Stein, MD, who is Board-Certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, as well as Neuromuscular and Electrodiagnostic Medicine.  He is supported by a staff of outstanding board certified Physiatrists and Nurse Practitioners, as well as of top-of-their-class Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation resident physicians.  Dr. Stein and his staff work closely with all members of the health care team to optimize each patient’s experience.  

The team includes highly skilled Physical and Occupational Therapists and Speech Language Pathologists, as well as Rehabilitation Nurses, Social Workers, Psychologists, Pharmacists, Dieticians, and Chaplains.  Working together in an interdisciplinary fashion, the team enables patients to reach their highest achievable level of function.  

The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation unit at Mercy is honored to receive referrals from hospitals across the entire region.

Interdisciplinary Approach
Our dynamic staff of New York State-licensed therapists has a wealth of experience in providing exceptional care to patients in the rehab setting. Team meetings are held daily to discuss each patient’s progress and discharge plan. In addition, we strive to involve the patients and families/ caregivers through family meetings.
Each patient receives three hours of therapy throughout the day, including physical and occupational therapy. Some patients may also receive speech language pathology services when appropriate.

Experienced Rehab Nursing
Our specially trained staff is comprised of experienced, New York State licensed Registered Nurses, as well as support staff of experienced and caring Patient Care Associates.  Mercy Medical Center is an ANCC Pathway to Excellence facility where our nurses excel in their delivery of quality care.  In addition, an increasing number of Registered Nurses have been credentialed by the American Nurse Credentialing Center as Board Certified Rehabilitation Nurses.

Together, they focus on progressing towards each patient’s goals, as set by the interdisciplinary team, in addition to addressing medical needs.  Teaching needs are also identified and addressed to ensure that patients and their caregivers are adequately prepared for a safe discharge home.  

Specialized Social Work
Our experienced social work staff consists of New York State Licensed Master Social Workers, who work closely with patients and families to participate in the formulation of a safe and appropriate discharge plan.  These dedicated social workers also provide emotional support and counseling as needed, for patients and families to cope with the emotional and physical challenges in rehabilitation.  

Discharge planning begins early in the patient’s stay to ensure adequate preparation time for the patient and family.  A discharge date will be set during our team meeting, following input from the entire interdisciplinary team.  The Social Worker will provide notification of discharge to the patient as soon as the date is set.

Family meetings may be held as needed to further discuss the discharge plan.  Family training is also offered by the therapists and nursing staff in order to prepare caregivers for providing assistance to patients.  All patients will be educated regarding home safety prior to discharge.

Our psychologists assist our patients in maintaining a high level of motivation and help them overcome barriers such as anxiety or depression.

A pharmacist is an important part of the multi-disciplinary team who cares for Mercy’s rehabilitation patients.  The pharmacist ensures that medications are properly and safely prescribed, administered and monitored.  Before dispensing medications to the patient, the pharmacist carefully reviews the patient’s medication profile and laboratory results, and consults with the provider concerning any needed enhancement of the medication therapy.  In addition, the pharmacist plays a key role in patient education.

Pastoral Care
Mercy’s chaplains are trained to attend to the spiritual needs and concerns of all patients.  We offer encouragement and a listening presence to patients and families during the rehabilitation process.  We have Catholic, Christian and Jewish chaplains available and can contact the Islamic Center in Westbury as well.  We have short stay hospitatlity rooms for all.  We make every effort to reserve space in these rooms for our Jewish families during the Sabbath.  Arrangements can be made by calling the Pastoral Care office at 516-705-1414.  There is also a Kosher Kitchen available for families.  Our Dietary department is able to provide Kosher meals for our patients.  In addition, there is a Muslim prayer room, a Masjid, available for families.

Our Catholic Chapel is located on the first floor, and our Chapel channel shows Mass from our Chapel at 12 noon, Monday through Friday, and at 9am and 12 noon on Sunday.  The Telecare channel (channel 29) is also available free of charge on the patients’ televisions.  

Pet therapy
Many patients have pets at home that they miss dearly while hospitalize.  Therapy dogs make weekly visits to our rehab unit to provide joy and healing.

Comprehensive Inpatient Therapy Services:

Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy is a rehabilitation discipline specializing in evaluating and treating physical and functional impairments. Our Physical Therapists perform a comprehensive evaluation and develop an individualized treatment plan focusing on transferring to various surfaces, walking, negotiating stairs, and improving balance and strength. They involve each patient in setting goals to restore function and facilitate a safe return to the home and the community.

Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy specializes in evaluating and treating impairments that interfere with activities of daily living (ADLs) through remediation and/ or adaptation. These ADLs include feeding, grooming, bathing, dressing and toileting. The Occupational Therapists also evaluate and treat upper extremity limitations involving range of motion, strength, and coordination. In addition, they work to improve functional transfers. Cognitive and visual perceptual retraining are provided when appropriate. Our therapists perform a comprehensive evaluation and design a customized program to enhance the patient’s performance. They collaborate with the patients and families to reach goals that will optimize functional independence.

Speech Therapy
Speech Therapy is a service provided to our patients who have communication and cognitive disorders, as well as those who have swallowing disorders. These disorders may be the result of a stroke, brain injury or other neurological condition. Our therapists work collaboratively with patients and families to design a therapy plan and set functional goals. In addition, our therapists are trained to administer and interpret objective swallowing tests including Modified Barium Swallow (MBS) studies and Flexible Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES).

Mercy is proud to offer Bioness technology in Physical and Occupational Therapy, as well as VitalStim for the treatment of dysphagia in Speech Therapy.  Please refer to the Bioness and Vital Stim pages for more detailed information.