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Press Release

Mercy’s New Sleep Center Offers Latest Technology

24 March, 2016

Rockville Centre, NY - Ever feel sleepy while driving? Does your leg twitch at night? These may be signs of a sleep disorder that could affect your health. These disorders can include conditions such as snoring and insomnia and potentially serious disorders such as sleep apnea and even restless leg syndrome. Both men and women who have a sleep disorder often wake up not feeling refreshed and may experience daytime drowsiness or suffer from "brain fog," or confusion. Sleep disorders that go undiagnosed can cause problems with an individual’s daily routine. People with obstructive sleep apnea actually stop breathing for short periods of time and are likely to experience a wide range of health issues.

To address these issues Mercy Medical Center is opening its Center for Sleep Medicine on April 1, 2016. This new program offers the latest technology in a comfortable, contemporary setting. Expert, board certified pulmonary physicians will diagnose and treat sleep disorders, with certified technologists monitoring patients’ sleep cycle during overnight sleep study tests in a hotel-like environment.

“Mercy is excited to offer this important diagnostic and treatment service,” said Ron Steimel, executive vice president and CAO. “The new sleep center allows our community to have their sleep issues addressed in a state-of-the-art facility close to home. This further demonstrates our commitment toward the communities we serve to offer comprehensive, quality health care.”

Sleep tests at Mercy can be scheduled quickly and conveniently. The suites are equipped with queen-size beds, private baths, flat-screen TVs and sophisticated monitoring equipment.

For more information, please call 516-62-MERCY.

Photo’s attached: Mercy’s Center for Sleep Medicine