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Support Services

Care Management

Mercy's care management team is comprised of nurses and social workers who can help you to plan for your care and after-care needs related to your hospitalization. They can assist with clinical coordination, expediting of care, discharge planning, home care services, supportive counseling and communication with managed care companies.

If you need home healthcare services when you are discharged, you have the right to choose your home healthcare provider. Mercy Medical Center will be able to provide you:

  • A professional assessment of the patient's need for certified home health services
  • A listing of certified home health agencies that serve the area in which the patient resides or will receive services
  • Identification of any agency or company to whom the patient is referred in which the hospital has a disclosable financial interest

For more information, call (516) 705-1612.

Coffee Shop - Patio Grill

The Patio Grill serves a large variety of items including sandwiches, salads and soups. Offerings include fresh-cooked selections from the grill including burgers, steak or chicken sandwiches and fries. Snack items include frozen yogurt, soft pretzels, fruit bowls, pudding and jello parfaits.

A variety of Kosher meals is available for visitors and employees.

The Patio Grill offers outside dining from May through October.

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday 6:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.

Closed weekends and holidays

Breakfast: 6:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Soups, sandwhiches, panni, wraps and hot dishes: 11:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Community Health Services

Continuing the legacy of Mercy's Founding Sisters to serve those in need, Mercy Medical Center is involved in a broad range of community service programs to improve the health of the people we serve on Long Island, with special attention to the medically indigent.

Mercy conducts various free screenings for prostate, skin, breast and colorectal cancers. And Mercy participates in various community health fairs sponsored by towns, recreation centers, churches, etc., and provides health education speakers for numerous senior centers, schools and other community organizations.

Mercy also sponsors a wide range of support groups, including programs for mental health and substance abuse, smoking withdrawal, bereavement, and several groups for those living with cancer.

Perhaps the most significant impact in providing for the needs of the indigent comes from Mercy's participation in Rotacare, an initiative of the local Rotary International Clubs, in which Mercy provides back-up hospital care for the un- and under-insured who are treated at Rotacare's Health Care Program in Uniondale. Rotacare received a grant from Catholic Health Services of Long Island, which allowed it to relocate from its original shared space in one of Hempstead's soup kitchens, to its current quarters at Mercy's Pius X facility in Uniondale.

A more detailed overview of Mercy's community programs is contained in the Medical Center's Community Service Plan which can be obtained by contacting the Public Relations Department at: 516-705-2618.

Infection Prevention and Control

Infection Prevention and Control is an integrated response process within the hospital which works collaboratively with all other hospital programs, services, and patient care settings in order to afford the patient, hospital staff and visitors a safe environment against the possible acquisition of an infection.

In the era of Bioterrorism, persons colonized with drug resistant organisms, and with the advancement of medicine as it is today, and as we prepare for the future in the use of and performance of more and more invasive procedures Infection Control is more important then ever.

Each one of us plays a very important part in ensuring that the patient has a safe and speedy recovery even the patients themselves.

Hand Washing has been called many times the cornerstone to a good infection control program. That is true more so then ever. Good hand hygiene is very important for all involved in the patients care. That includes the patient her/himself, all who care for them in the hospital and at home and the visitors that come in to visit the patient.

As little time it may take to wash your hands, people just do not it. It takes less then 15 seconds to protect the patient, your loved one, by washing your hands with soap and water or now the alcohol based hand sanitizers that are stationed in each patient room at Mercy Medical Center.

The Infection Control Department in support of Mercy Medical Center's Mission to constantly strive to explore new avenues to enhance the care for our patients we perform on an ongoing basis risk assessments of procedures and evaluate practices to ensure good patient outcomes. The Infection Control Department may be reached at (516) 705-2051.

Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care staff focus on the spiritual needs of our patients, families and medical center staff. We believe there is a part of the human person that reaches for that which is beyond the self.

Mass is held in the Mercy Medical Center Chapel Monday thru Friday at 12 Noon and Sunday at 7 a.m.and 9 a.m.. Services are televised on closed circuit TV channel 99 and Telecare is available on channel 29. These channels are available to every patient, even those who do not subscribe for TV service.

Chaplains are available for patients of many faiths.

For information on our extensive Pastoral Care services, please click on the "Pastoral Care" link in the Support Services Menu or:

Telephone: (516) 705-1414 or Fax: (516) 705-2464

* Telephone Operator may also reach staff by pager.

Patient Access

The Patient Access Department is responsible for registering patients by obtaining accurate demographic and insurance information to ensure timely reimbursement. Patient Access is included in such areas of the hospital as the Main Registration area, the Imaging Center, Pre- Surgical Testing, Memorial Sloan-Kettering and the Emergency Department as well as Financial Counselors and Cashier. Patient Access can be reached by calling (516) 705-2982.

Patient Accounts

To avoid delays in processing your account it is most important to provide the Correct Insurance Information. **Remember to bring your insurance card and provide one source of identification at time of service. (Example: Photo Drivers License or Passport)

If you have questions concerning your bill or account please call Mercy Medical Center's Customer Service at 631-465-6020.

Physician Support Services

The Office of Physician Support Services is a comprehensive department designed as an extension of the Executive Administration to efficiently and effectively address the vast scope of issues and requests that physicians may encounter.

The Physician Support Services Program addresses the needs of community physicians. The department functions as a direct liaison between the physicians' offices and hospital services to achieve improved communication and relationships. Staff members help solve problems and serve as a resource for physicians.

For Information, contact:

Gail Still,
Administrative Director - Physician Services CHSLI / Western Region

Kathleen Kennedy, MS, RT (R) (QM)
Senior Director of Imaging and Physician Support Services

Post Hospital Care Planning

Assistance with arrangements for rehabilitation centers, skilled nursing and health related facilities; specialized programs in the community and referrals for home care services. Call (516) 705-1612 for further information.

Safe Haven - A Safe Haven For Newborns-An Alternative To Abandonment

Infant abandonment doesn't have to happen.

Our Emergency Department is a Safe Haven that offers mothers of unwanted newborns a solution that protects the well-being of the infant and the confidentiality that the mother may need. Mothers can give up unharmed newborns anonymously, within the first five days after birth, without fear of disclosure or prosecution for abandonment.

Mercy Medical Center will accept any newborn and the mother who needs care, with no questions asked, and we also offer confidential counseling during this time of crisis.

Newborns can be brought to our Emergency Department anytime, day or night. For information, you may call anonymously to 866-918-8882

Travel Medicine Service

Mercy Medical Center offers a comprehensive, personalized Travel Medicine Service to address the needs of international business and leisure travelers, providing consultations and vaccinations for safe and enjoyable journeys.

The program serves both individuals and travel groups, providing a thorough medical history assessment, combined with an itinerary analysis, to determine appropriate immunizations and other preventive measures based on travel destination, length of stay and planned activities.

Click Here For Further Information

Weight Management Programs

Mercy Medical Center offers three Facilitated Weight Management Programs --for adults, adolescents and post bariatric surgery patients-- built on the foundation of its top-ratings in weight-loss surgery.

Mercy is a Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence® designated by the American Society For Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.

Utilizing that expertise, weekly, ten-session Weight Management Programs are conducted by multidisciplinary teams of healthcare professionals with long experience in assisting with the lifelong commitment and lifestyle modifications required for losing excess weight and keeping it off.

The program's Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Registered Dietitians and Certified Physical Therapists focus on a broad range of issues including healthy behaviors, stress-reduction, social relationships, exercise, and prevention of relapse into old eating habits.

The program for adolescents uses the nationally-recognized SHAPEDOWN® curriculum developed at the University of California, San Francisco.

Support group sizes are limited to assure personal attention.

For information about fees and registration, call 516-62MERCY.

Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence® is a registered trademark of the American Society For Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS). Used by permission of ASMBS. All rights reserved.