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Orientation process

Once you have completed the credentialing process, an orientation appointment will be set for you to come in to be personally oriented to the facility. The process will include obtaining your ID badge, visits to Medical Staff Affairs, Health Information Management, Performance Improvement as well as a tour of the facility based on your specialty and specifically designed to acquaint you with the departments with which you will be working.

You will be familiarized with the hospital's information technology applications view results on your patients. You will also be provided a remote access token so you can view results from your home or office as well as electronically sign dictations.

A separate concierge-style appointment will be made so we can visit your practice to set up the remote access process and link you into the system. During this visit we will familiarize you and your staff with the applications to retrieve patient reports. We will bring a draft custom order form based on your specialty for frequently order Radiology and Cardiovascular exams.

We will also get you acquainted with what your patients can expect when they are here at Mercy, such as our Room Service meals-on-demand, Pet Therapy, visits from Patient Relations staff members and the many outpatient services available.