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Physician Support Services

The Office of Physician Support Services is a comprehensive department designed as an extension of the Executive Administration to efficiently and effectively address the vast scope of issues and requests that physicians may encounter.

The Physician Support Services Program addresses the needs of community physicians. The department functions as a direct liaison between the physicians' offices and hospital services to achieve improved communication and relationships. Staff members help solve problems and serve as a resource for physicians.

The mission of Physician Support Services is to assess continually the needs of community physicians, improve communication and grow relationships between community physicians and hospital. We commit to being responsive and strive to increase physician satisfaction and develop stronger physician/hospital relationships.


  • Introduce new physicians and programs to community practices
  • Visit practices to educate on Hospital's resources & information technology applications
  • Respond to the concerns of community physicians
  • Provide operational updates via Physician Newsletter
  • Orient new physicians to Hospital and various services
  • Provide hospital departments with customer feedback
  • Facilitate physician networking & CME events
  • Provide educational / networking programs for practice / office managers
  • Integrate community physicians into committees, boards, task forces and focus groups
  • Promote physicians & hospital services via public speaking engagements

For information, contact:

Gail Still,
Administrative Director - Physician Services CHSLI / Western Region


Kathleen Kennedy, MS, RT (R) (QM)
Senior Director of Imaging and Physician Support Services